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This game…. Just…. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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(Episode 4 commentary)

21 January 2013 the walking dead game the walking dead video games gaming ps3

20 January 2013 the walking dead game video games gaming ps3

NBA Finals Roundup in NBA 2K13 (Houston vs Miami)

This was the most craziest thing ever, didn’t except the outcome which I’ll give you. But one game that really stood out was probably the most amazing thing to ever happen to me in a game, other than Game 3 against the Clippers.

  • Game 1 was a squeaker, but we were in the lead off the hop, and didn’t let up.
  • Game 2 was a complete blowout, as we beat them by 20+ points, LeBron didn’t hit anything, Bosh was cold. It was just all-round suck for the Heat.
  • Game 3 hands down scared, winning this game was a mountain and by the end of the 3rd we were down 10, but in the 4th quarter, the backcourt of myself and Kevin Martin just obliterated. Of the 42 points our team scored in the 4th, KMart and I made 35 of those 9 of those were from behind the arc.
    I got a new career-high of 49 points, while KMart got 38. And by then, I knew that we were gonna sweep the Heat.
  • Game 4, another close one but in the 3rd quarter, I made my team heard, that we had a pretty good bench. I dished 27 assists, and kept it light with only 30 points. (Light as I had over 31+ in the Finals)

It was a good time. I couldn’t believe this at all. I never got a team to the Finals and won the O’Brien Trophy in 2K11 and 2K12, BOTH with the Clippers too, but I just simmed the season mostly, and it didn’t work out very well as we would end up in the 8th seed or lower. Maybe I’ll make one more run for a trophy, but right now.


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Western Conference Finals Roundup in 2K13

  • Game 1 was a little good and bad. After a dominating first half, we got manhandled in the 3rd quarter. We were still in the lead 73-62 going into the 4th, but that was just absolutely terrible. Eventually won the game, but it was a squeaker.
  • Game 2 was much better, had complete control, and didn’t have a misstep. Hit my season-high of 34 points as well. Felt really good in this game.
  • Game 3 was expecting to be hard, and it was, we stayed close until the last 2 minutes, just poor choices with every possession, and they slowly got away from us.
  • Game 4 was my best game so far, getting 48 points for a new season-high, destroying lives with a 20-28 Field Goal %, and somehow getting 5-8 in Three Point Land. I’m usually 15+ in assists, but my shooting got the better of me.
  • Game 5 was the clincher, and we nailed it. Had a stat on every main stat line, with even two blocks. Went back to my usual 20+ assists/game kind of night. And another good night with a 13-19 FG%

From this, we take on the Heat in the Finals.
Hopefully this goes surprisingly quick, like this one was, expecting five games, but won’t be surprised if it goes to six.

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Short Rundown on my NBA 2K13 MyCareer

  • I’m a passing over shooting PG (Shoot from Mid-Range and develop into 3PT)
  • Drafted to the Rockets
  • Gradually gained minutes to become starter over Jeremy Lin.
  • Dropped about 15 Double-Doubles in 19 Games.
  • Got the Rockets into a 25 game winning streak from Feburary up until the second last game of the season.
  • Finished 2nd in the Western Conference, behind OKC by 2 games and winning the final game against the Lakers to clinch 2nd in the West.
  • Won Rookie of the Year, League Leader in Assists (11.3 APG) and is on NBA All-Rookie 1st Team.
  • Started growing out hair, and started growing a “Playoff Beard”
  • Matched up with 7th seed Nuggets, to sweep them 4-0.
  • Moved on to face 3rd seed Lakers, just finishing Game 1, losing.
  • Currently Playoff Leader in Assists with 16.5 APG.
  • Currently sporting a “Playoff 5 O’Clock Shadow”
  • Planning on streaking the Lakers and beating them to the Conference Finals, 4-1. (Highly unlikely, I feel a seven game series… :| )

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I just want to see the “loljk” moment.

When KojiPro says loljk it’s MGS5.

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Tokyo Jungle is GOTY

fuck Dark Souls.

This is the Rogue-like to play.

2 October 2012 Tokyo Jungle gaming PS3



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Sony unveils super slim PlayStation 3 in Tokyo 
Sony is to launch a new smaller, lighter version of the PlayStation 3 console.

Second PS3 for upstairs!? whatttt upppp


Sony unveils super slim PlayStation 3 in Tokyo

Sony is to launch a new smaller, lighter version of the PlayStation 3 console.

Second PS3 for upstairs!? whatttt upppp

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Don’t fuck with the Straw Hat Triads. #SleepingDogs (Taken with Instagram)

Don’t fuck with the Straw Hat Triads. #SleepingDogs (Taken with Instagram)

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"PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale" Leaks Reveal Remainder of Characters, Stages, And Modes



A gigantic leaks seems to happen all too frequently over at Sony, except that this time they have to place some of the blame on themselves. The hotly anticipated PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has a beta going on currently on the PS3, which has led some rabid fans to take apart the game to search for unannounced content. I’d say those fans were very successful as every remaining stage, character, game mode and more seems to have been revealed by their digging.

Huge information dump after the break.

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It’s obviously gonna be MGS:Rising Raiden. Which is alright I guess. But I still don’t like it.

Idk… this will probably suck, and I’ll be sad. :(

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Dragon’s Dogma Tribulations #1 - Saurian Party and Party Crashers.

A couple days ago, I was stupidly traveling at night, trying to get to the Southwest of the Gransys, try to do some killing quests for a couple notice boards. At the same time, I had to get to some waypoint for one quest I took from the Duke.

Now to go southwest, you have to go through a bit of woods with wolves in them. Which is fine, then a bit of a ascending path between a cliff, at the top there is always a big ass boulder, two smaller ones. And they always get triggered at a certain height. Before I usually try to find an opening at the side of the path while dashing up the hill. Have my pawns take the damage. But now, since my physical resistance is so high. I just face that boulder head on.

After that boulder a couple Bandit Parties, but nothing to be afraid of. Now down the hill to the right, right after you go up the narrow cliff path, there’s a big forest. Within that forest, there’s upwards of 15 Saurians resting in the brush or on the random rock formations. And when you touch one of them. All of them in the immediate area respond. So I just went ahead and just started killing them.

This was not a good idea. Maybe after about 5 Saurians died, my pawns were just shouting Chimera. I was so confused, until a quest popped up saying “Ambush!” - Slay your enemies! I turned my camera, and a Chimera jumped at me and took out a third of my health. A little bit into this hectic battle, a Skeleton Lord came out of nowhere and started manhandling my party. Took a while to get my barrings. But 15 long minutes later, they were dealt with, got some extra gold. And the sun was finally coming up.

Note to self: Use the camera often.

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